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Prosperity You Deserve Doing What You Love

Welcome to the Transcending Sales MasterMind Teleclass Series...

This is YOUR Time to Shine...and Bring Your Prosperity Home...

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Jeffrey Howard | Master Business Coach & Visionary Marketing Consultant

From the Desk of Jeffrey Howard



Dear Visionary Entrepreneur:

Let me just be straight up honest with you.  I already know you’ve had something emerging from deep inside you for a long time…otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

You know you have the passion and vision to help people with the work you do, but something has been missing for you…maybe you’ve had trouble really dialing in your ability to support yourself abundantly with your messenger business.

I get it — and I’ve been down that path myself…

Unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common common occurrence and I work with a lot of people just like you to help launch you past those limitations and internal barriers that are keeping you from really stepping up to your bigger game.

And you’ve probably already been doing “release work” or some type of process to help you get more connected to financial abundance…but have you ever had a tried and true strategy that specifically helped you with the right ACTIONS to take that go along with the “money healing” you’ve been doing?

  • What if you could pinpoint and overcome the #1 reason that you haven’t been able to achieve the financial success that you really want?
  • And what if you could do that while you helped change other people’s lives in a positive way, every day?
  • How would your life be different if you didn’t have to worry about money?
  • And wouldn’t it change your picture dramatically if you could just learn a specific and repeatable system to help you enroll more people in your programs, sell your products and get your message out to a broader audience?

I’m reasonably certain that the reason you are pursuing this passion of yours is that you truly want to help people lead better lives through the work you do…maybe even change the world in the process.

But something has been evading you…and I’d be willing to bet that the underlying reason you’re not launching yourself forward in a much bigger way has something to do with moneyor more accurately, the lack of it...

Well, I’m not going to spend a bunch of your time running through all the reasons that you need to something differently if you’re not where you want to be…you already know that.

I’m also not going to launch into a long sale pitch (as ironic as that may sound) about the Transcending Sales MasterMind because if you’re here, it’s quite likely that you’ve  already heard me talk about a lot of this on a teleclass or webinar…and I respect your time…

So, if you’re ready to blast through your money stuff, your sales resistance and really learn a process that will allow you to help more people, while you take more money to the bank…then you’re probably in the right place.

The Transcending Sales MasterMind is a 5-week Live Teleclass Series that’s starting up very soon and I’d love to work with you directly so you can start focusing on doing what you love and stop worrying about money, once and for all.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of  what you’re going to learn and experience when you join us in the Transcending Sales MasterMind Teleclass Series:

  • You will finally overcome your blocks around money and stop giving yourself away
  • Why it’s your mission and obligation to help your clients and customers enroll in your programs
  • I’ll give you a simple (but POWERFUL) exercise specially designed to dial in EXACTLY how valuable you really are…and you’re going to be amazed at what you discover with this one…
  • Discover how you REALLY feel about sales and why that’s probably putting a plug in your prosperity flow
  • You will get my exact formula for how to get laser-focused on SPECIFICALLY who is your ideal client or customer
  • Learn to let Your Story make that vital connection to your audience and start selling for you
  • Master a simple and repeatable process you can use to enroll (sell) your products, programs and information without doing any actual “selling”
  • Customize your “script” so you know just what will happen at every stage of enrolling clients, or selling your products
  • You’ll discover a simple strategy for training your current customers to refer you to your new customers
  • …and much, much more…

Here’s a more detailed description of what we’ll do in each week’s class:
(the first class starts Tuesday, November 20, 2012)

Week 1 – Laying the Foundation — Making Peace with Money and Sales
In the first week, you will get absolutely clear about your relationship with money and sales, while we use simple processes for reframing and shifting your beliefs.  By starting with this vitally important piece to the puzzle, you will lay the foundation for allowing yourself to receive the prosperity that you so richly deserve.  Without having this piece handled, the most brilliant strategy strategies in the world will fall short of meeting your intended outcomes…

Week 2 — Understanding Your Value and Developing Your Story
As a conscious entrepreneur or visionary messenger, your own story is what people will relate to the most…and it makes your selling process almost effortless. When you tap into your own value, and the value of your life experience, your story begins to flow, and your audience will be riveted to your every word…whether it is in person, in groups, in print, in video…
You will get an exercise to become abundantly clear about your own value so you can begin to weave your story in an interesting and compelling way.
Week 3 – Knowing Your Market, Customers and Clients – The Three Core Questions
In this session, we answer the Three Core Questions in detail and tailor your message to your target audience. After the exercises in this session, you will understand your ideal clients or customers so well and so intimately that you’ll be able to give them a name.  Your focus will be on the individual members of whatever target audience you choose to engage.
Week 4 – Bringing It All Together — Enrollment and Sales Scripting
Fully armed with all the ammunition from the previous process, the next step in the sequence is for you to put the pieces together in the form of your enrollment “script.” Your script is your order or sequence of how you deliver your message…with very specific steps bring your client or customer through the process in a way that allows for a big resounding “YES!” to happen at the end of your process (whether delivered live in person, in a group, on a video, or on a written page).
Week 5 – Handling Objections / Answering Your Questions / Role Playing / Laser Coaching
In the final week of the Transcending Sales MasterMind, we’ll get into how to handle commons objections.  What happens when someone asks a question about your program, your pricing, wants to take to a spouse or partner, etc.  We will also dive deeper into your individual questions, do some role-playing as appropriate  and even some “hot seat” laser coaching.  This will be your chance to really polish the process.

Each class will be approximately 60 minutes (but I tend to be really generous with my time in this environment…because I really want to make sure you get what you need)…and every call will be recorded.  There will ample time in each class for questions with the final class being dedicated to handling anything that remains unanswered for you.

Now is your opportunity to finally, once and for all, step up to own your true value…and learn a process that will turn your attitude about selling into a dedication to service that will have your ideal clients asking you how they can give you more money!

Whether you’re an author, speaker, coach, holistic practitioner, workshop leader or other conscious entrepreneur, this program is specially tailored to the common resistance that comes up around sales and selling.

Remember your Ripple…if you help people to make a better decision by working with you, you get to help to change their lives in the positive way…and that benefits everyone.


Special Price by Private Invitation – Only $197
(Regular $497 – a 60% Discount for you)
With every call, we’ll open up the lines for your questions, hot seat coaching and role play so you can see EXACTLY how each process works…and leave no stone unturned…I REALLY want you to understand this…BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!

I’m going to be personally teaching this class live, working in direction interaction with you while we break through the barriers that are holding back your sales, release any fear, anxiety, or downright disgust you may have with the process of “selling” your programs and show you how you can create your own Perfect Script for presenting your programs, so people “line up and sign up” every time you make your presentations.

We’ll also record every call, so just in case you miss one of the live calls, you will still get all the tools, strategies and powerful systems…and you can also refer back to the calls recordings to really hone and polish your strategies for success in enrolling, or selling, your programs.

There no reason to be afraid of sales…it’s just a process…and it doesn’t need to have any negative connotation…because SALES IS ABOUT SERVICE!  And I’m going to show you how to deliver a high level of service and value so you can confidently and courageously take your inspired message out to the world and create a prosperous business at the same time.

  • You can’t succeed at your mission of bringing your message to the world…
  • You can’t help people change their lives…
  • You can’t be the positive catalyst to help shift the planet…

UNLESS YOU CAN SELL YOUR PROGRAMS…you owe it to the world to get your message out there…and the Transcending Sales MasterMind Teleclass Series is your ticket to stepping up and delivering your authentic message, so people can BUY what you have…

So, join us…it’s going to be fun…I promise…because this subject is too serious to take too seriously!

I look forward to having you in the class!

Peace and Prosperity,




Our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with this the Transcending Sales MasterMind Teleclass Series because this program is designed especially for you.  I can’t guarantee your success — only you can do that — but if you show up and participate in the program and you aren’t 100% satisfied with what you gain, learn or overcome in the process, then please let us know and we’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your small investment
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